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Technical Manufacturing Company 'PROHELLAS SA'
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COMPANY || Technology

This cutting-edge technology is a revolution in the Greek building industry, having the ability to construct not only underground and ground-floor buildings but also multi-storey buildings. It is applied in all European countries to large structures, business premises, industries, hotel units, etc.

This super-modern plant has a production capacity of 650m2 of double walls and pre-slabs over eight hours, which correspond to a building's ground plan of 300m2, and a production capacity over 24 hours that corresponds to a building's ground plan of 900m2.

PROHELLAS double walls and pre-slabs made from high-strength (c30/37) reinforced concrete are the most modern and leading-edge features of the 'NEW BUILDING TECHNOLOGY' and have an excellent coefficient of seismic protection, thermal insulation, waterproofing and soundproofing.

The production of 'PROHELLAS' double walls and pre-slabs, which is designed and completed through computers, is purely based on the innovative robotic technology.


The PROHELLAS double wall consists of two walls of high-strength (c 30/37) reinforced concrete. All the reinforcement of each wall is incorporated into it in accordance with the particular structural design.

The type of reinforcement is B500S.
The two walls are transversely connected, with open girders placed at a suitable distance from each other. The thickness of the wall ranges from 20cm to 40cm, depending on the structural design of each particular building. Sprayed polyurethane insulation baytherm sf-40 is placed between the two walls, covering the whole surface of the wall, without forming thermal bridges.

The PROHELLAS pre-slab is also manufactured with high-strength reinforced concrete 7cm in thickness and pre-installed open girders. All reinforcement is incorporated into the body of the pre-slab in accordance with the structural design of each particular building.









The prefabricated elements (double walls and pre-slabs) are transported on site, and the building is assembled by means of telescopic cranes in accordance with the particular architectural ground-plan.

Then, after any additional reinforcement (always in accordance with the structural design) is put in the walls and pre-slabs, all separate sections are concreted together as far as the foundation, thereby creating a single monolithic assembly.

The quality of the double walls and the pre-slab is such that the structure does not need rendering. After the structure is concreted together, the work teams required to fully complete the structure follow.